Fighting for Your Right to Be Who You Are

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Okay, I know the title makes it appear that this is a political post, but bear with me. I am not going to discuss our current political climate; I am going to review Walker Long’s upcoming work, Swapship Troopers:


Swapship Troopers is available for pre-order on Amazon, slated for release on Thursday, January 19. I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy of this work, and in a snapshot, guys: I highly recommend.

Swapship Troopers is a satiric take on Robert A. Heinlein’s work Starship Troopers. Private Quantrill is in the marine corps, putting his life on the line in the war against Bugs. These aren’t your regular, disgusting creepy crawlies. These bugs are gigantic alien species who can easily render even the most skilled fighters lifeless in a matter of seconds.

In addition to having their lives on the line, there is also the question of whether or not they’re doing much living. In the midst of war, there is one thing, in particular, that people tend to miss: la petite mort.

Luckily for these soldiers, there are some genetically altering drugs that allow for some fun times…


This work is fun. You don’t have to have already read Starship Troopers in order to enjoy it (although you might enjoy the work more if you have read it; I actually cannot comment on that, since I haven’t). Yet, this book is not simply an erotic fiction; it is a piece of fiction that happens to contain erotic scenes. Due to the opportunity at first thrust upon him, and later provided to him, Quantrill learns about himself, while simultaneously having to deal with the preconceptions and expectations that come with the very idea, as well as embodiment of womanhood.

I was impressed with the manner in which Long portrayed the developing romance and Quantrill’s self-awareness, which add an element of sweetness to the story. This sweetness is juxtaposed with the brutality of the war being fought, as well as steamy sex scenes.


I really liked this novella. Have you read it? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


Shattered Fan Fiction

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I received an ARC of Rosemary Rey’s novel Stained Glass Shards via Netgalley.


This novel is a romance/erotica that switches viewpoints between former long-time lovers Griffin and Elyce, who had a 50-Shades-of-Fucked-Up-Even-Though-That-Isn’t-A-Saying relationship until Elyce abruptly grew a backbone and ended it.


Griffin is a movie star. Insanely good-looking, great actor, went to school in Boston with Elyce, which is where they met and became friends-with-benefits.

Elyce is the gal who secretly wanted Griffin to fall in love with her and marry her, but didn’t think it was within the realm of possibility until she realized, well, fuck, if he’s not into it I should dump his ass and find someone who is. So she breaks up with him, and writes a thinly-veiled fictionalization of their relationship which becomes a bestseller. That is optioned for movie rights, and furthermore, is actively picked up to be made into a movie. I think you see where this is going…


This novel was not quite my cup of tea. Rey’s writing is a bit too literal to me, reading a bit woodenly. Also, Elyce kind of got on my nerves.

I like to root for the protagonist

BUT I also thought Rey did a great job of taking a storyline that was starting to read like a fan fic, and delve into the relationship a bit more. The stained glass metaphor was painfully drawn out, but I get why it’s in the book. Rey is dealing with appearance vs. reality, and her characters actively grow and change. Perspective is a major component of this book, which I loved.


I would recommend if you are in the mood for some sexy fluff. I don’t recommend as a romance, but I do recommend if you want to escape a bit.


Have you read Stained Glass Shards? What did you think? Who was your favorite character?

Reason #9: It’s sexy

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My new short story anthology Paranormal Dating includes paranormal creatures, dating, and sex.

The kink is out there… #XFilesreferences

There’s an urban legend that people think about sex every 7 seconds. Now, most people think that’s not necessarily the case, and really, there’s probably no unbiased, empirical method to prove it, but most people like sex and think about it, though the degree to which it is thought about is unclear.


As such, you, as a human being reading this blog post, probably occasionally think about sex. Sex is not all that my stories are about, but it is featured frequently, and so it stands to reason that you might like to read my sexy stories.


Release Day After-Party

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Release day was October 12! You can now purchase Paranormal Dating on Amazon for $2.99, or read it free of charge if you have Kindle Unlimited.



Paranormal Dating is a short story anthology comprised of tales that are simultaneously horror, romance, and erotica.

So, basically… perfect for Halloween #timing

Please let me know your thoughts, and write a review if you obtain a copy. Honest reviews are requested, although obviously, I hope that you like it. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below, as well!

Classical References & Sex

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Today,  I am going to review Dora’s Box, by Walker Long.

Dora's Box

Much as both my blog post title and the title of Walker’s book insinuates, this book is based on the Classical myth of Pandora’s Box, as well as an erotica.


This novella is certainly interesting. Not quite my cup of tea, but not ill-written. I am more of a “character” reader, and this novella is a “plot” book. But if you are a “plot” reader, I definitely recommend.


The plot is intriguing, and full of sex. If you are not okay with graphic sex scenes, stay away. If you are fine with them, or crave them, then this novel might be for you. Essentially, protagonist Dora is a lonely, hard-working university student who loses her work-study job through the university. As her thoughts turn to necessities such as paying the rent, paying her tuition, etc., Dora naturally makes a pecuniary wish around an heirloom box that she inherited from her grandmother… and it comes true. She soon comes to realize that the crazy stories her grandmother used to tell about the box are true… and more wishes ensue.


But with the power to make great wishes comes great responsibility (and the recommendation to word your wishes very carefully)… Dora’s wishes tend to have unintended consequences.


Overall, I was interested in the plot. I thought the author took this story to very interesting places, and while I had an idea of where the story was ultimately going, I was not sure what course the author would take to get there. However, as I mentioned earlier, I am a character reader. The characters were not really engaging, for me. They interacted okay, and the reasons behind the things that they did were actually well done. It was the characters themselves. Dora is so annoying. Her roommate is only slightly less annoying. The guy she has a crush on is a total dick, and he’s probably my favorite character.

Everyone loves Dick van Dyke

Again, if you’re a plot reader, this book is entertaining and I recommend. If you’re a character reader, I suggest giving it a pass. There is the added bonus that, if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can read it free of charge.

Nothin’ beats FREE

Have you read Dora’s Box? Or would you like to? Please share your thoughts in the comments below?