Sex & Horror #yesplease

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-For at that moment Mr. Kinnear, dead as he was, was the stiffer man of the two of them.--Alias Grace

When I trekked cross-country to come live in the Bay Area, I had a copy of Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood that I had purchased at a library sale, and which I had barely begun reading when I left it in a hotel room somewhere in the middle of the country. I was very disappointed, and intended to get another copy on my hands at some unknown point in the future.

Then, recently, I remembered that I had a library card, and can thereby procure a myriad of very wonderful books, including the previously abandoned Alias Grace.

It was an interesting read. The first novel I had read by Atwood, I was impressed with her skill, imagination, and particularly, her character development. Based on the true story of Grace Marks, a woman imprisoned for decades for a murder in which she may or may not have been complicit at the tender age of 16, this novel was fascinating. The story began to meander a bit for the latter third of the book, but I can understand why it did so, and it was not unpleasant to read, it just felt a bit more out-of-focus than I was a wholehearted fan of.

However, I am glad I read it, and I am also glad to point out the quote above, which melds, in a single, concise sentence, two of my favorite literary themes: eroticism and horror. (Some of you may remember I am slowly writing a paranormal erotica short story anthology, which provides even more evidence that I am a fan of these two themes.) Ever since I can remember, horror stories have fascinated me. And sex, whether we love to think about it, hate to talk about it, or both, is also generally fascinating to people in one way or another.

Have you read Alias Grace? If so,what did you think? If not, what is your favorite horror story? I like to read comments as well as novels, and would love to hear from you!