The award-deserving book you need to read, like, yesterday

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I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader copy of Britt-Marie Was Here: A Novel
from Atria books, and now I know what to get the difficult people to shop for this year for birthday gifts. Britt-Marie was Here is certainly amongst the best books that will be released this year. I say this remark with confidence, despite the fact that it is almost March – the novel is that good.

This book deserves ALL the awards

Britt-Marie and the town of Borg in which she tries to make a fresh start in life as a woman in her sixties are well-drawn and lovable characters. This novel is realistic, heartbreaking, heartfelt, and full of hope. And you should read it.


That is all I want to say about this novel, because I think it’s best if you simply pick it up and read it for yourself. Which you can do May 3rd, when it is released. Happy reading!


Book Review: This Time, Baby

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Today, I will be reviewing Selena Kitt’s erotica short story This Time, Baby. I feel like the models on the cover are older than the characters they’re supposed to be portraying, but they’re also really attractive, so I’m willing to just enjoy it.

this time, baby

Step-siblings Jared and Audrey are incredibly attracted to each other. Jared is a ripped nerd with a penchant for his blonde, bubbly step-sister. Audrey notices Jared’s hot bod, but has so much fun teasing him, that she won’t let him have sex missionary style. But how long is Jared going to allow her to tease him without insisting on satiation?

Selena Kitt is a good writer, but this particular story didn’t work for me. I think because Audrey didn’t work for me. The sex scenes would have been hot, if I hadn’t been so turned off by Audrey’s “flirting,” which consisted of corny jokes and excessive use of the word “bruh.”


An interesting thing about this story, as well as some other erotica I’ve read, is its’ emphasis on the vagina. I find it interesting that the characters in some stories almost treat the vagina like the Holy Grail. In this story, for example, oral sex and anal sex occurred, but despite the fact that Jared was able to achieve orgasm, he is continually frustrated that he has not yet had access to his step sister’s kitty. I feel like this veneration of the vulva is correlated to the fixation with pregnancy.

In a lot of older/more experienced men with younger/less experienced women stories, there is the concept of ownership I discussed in my last post, which often extends into the realm of childbirth. “You are going to have my baby” type of conversations, etc. Sometimes, however, the conversation goes the other way. “Don’t worry about a condom. I want to have your baby.” Is the possibility of pregnancy making the activity more dangerous? Or is it an allusion to intimacy so strong that the addition of a child is not terrifying? Or, perhaps, a glaring signal that the girl in this interaction does not entirely understand what she’s getting into?


I can’t recommend This Time, Baby, simply because the characters didn’t work for me. If you’re a story-driven reader rather than a character-driven reader, however, and the ideas of teasing, games, and semi-incestuous relationships turns you on, definitely give it a try.

Also, let me know your opinion of the vagina in the comments below. Is it really the Holy Grail of sex? Or is this a literary/erotica thing?

Book Review: Exquisite Corpse

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I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of the graphic novel Exquisite Corpse by Penelope Bagieu. My very first graphic novel, which I requested because I really liked the cover:

exquisite corpse

The illustrations are generally very good, the characters are defined. The problem? I just don’t care about the characters. The story line is kind of fun. A bit predictable if you are well read, but I felt like this story should have been a more enjoyable read than it was. And I think the reason that it wasn’t is because I was not drawn to the characters.

This lack of connection could have been because it was a graphic novel. Since I am not generally a graphic novel reader, I am used to gaining information via narrative words. While the illustrations provided emotions and context, it is possible that because this manner of conveying information is different from the manner in which I am used to receiving information, I did not enjoy the experience as much. In general, however, this graphic novel felt very simple.

Simple does not have to be bad, but I was hoping for more.

Verdict: Makes a cute book for the coffee table, but if you’re not seeking decorative books, I recommend steering clear of this one.