Thank you for reading!

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Hello, to all who stumble across this blog. I appreciate your readership, whether first time or long-time reader. Every set of eyes is appreciated, and I have enjoyed posting and interacting with readers here on WordPress.

Honestly, I never planned to write and publish erotica forever. Writing erotica short stories was a way of getting myself to write more, and I was kind of thinking I might as well try publishing them to cash in on the current craze for them. I did not really cash in, but it’s been a fun time, and I have met some interesting people.

Thank you, everyone, but Bambi Quim is retiring. I will probably keep my works up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, for now, but I will no longer be blogging, tweeting, or otherwise doing social media. Happy 2017 everyone! I hope this year brings you good things.


What I’ve Been Busy Doing Instead of Blogging

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Hello lovely readers!

Remember awhile back, when I mentioned that I might have trouble blogging soon because of work, etc.? Well soon is now, which must mean now is tomorrow, and the sun, my friends, is not out.




Because I have been ill. It’s only a cold, which is to say, it’s only a lingering, congestive madness that will probably never go away, but nonetheless, isn’t bad enough to cause me to abstain from work.



I also have some other, top-secret projects going on that are not writing-related, and will likely take the better part of the next year. So this blog will likely be relegated largely to sporadic book reviews until these are finished.

Feel free to unfollow if you are not a fan of my book reviews…


On a positive note, I know how the story I was writing needs to end.

On a negative note, I have been unable to find the time to write it.

Hopefully, I can carve out some time soon to finish, after which my writing will probably be on hiatus until summer 2016. Which sort of sucks, BUT also means I might be able to release it next October.

I hope this update has been somewhat satisfying, at least marginally amusing, and welcome your comments below. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some coughing at work to do.