Update: How did I do in my 10 Books in 2016 Challenge?

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Um… well, I didn’t quite make it. Though I’m fairly certain I read more than 10 books before 2016 had ended, not all of them were from the list I created last August. This post will provide the 10 Books in 2016 Challenge Update: (aka, it’s now 2017, so here’s specific detail on how I did).


  1. The Glass-Blowers By Daphne DuMaurier

glass blowers

2. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson


3. Funny Girl by Nick Hornby

funny girl

4. The Wicked Boy by Kate Summerscale

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wicked boy

5. The Room: A Novel by Jonas Karlsson

  • STATUS: Did not read in 2016 #boo

the room

6. Odd Girl Out by Elizabeth Jane Howard

odd girl out

7. Off the Page by Jodie Picoult

off the page

8. Not My Father’s Son: A Memoir by Alan Cumming

  • STATUS: Did not read in 2016 #boo


9. The Diver’s Clothes Lie Empty by Vendela Vida

  • STATUS: Did not read in 2016 #boo

diver's clothes

10. L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

la andy

In conclusion, I read 7 of the 10 books chosen for the 10 Books in 2016 Reading Challenge. I didn’t knock the challenge out of the park, but I’m happy with my results.



How did your 2016 reading go? Or what are you aiming to achieve in 2017? I would love to hear about your accomplishments and your goals in the comments!


Hello 2017 + Reading Goal

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I have signed up to take the 2017 Goodreads reading challenge – my goal? 60 books during the year.


It’s not significantly more books than I read last year, but I am hoping to focus a bit more on my writing this year. Plus, it’s more than 1 book per week, so I feel that the goal is achievable without being lazy.

Goals: let’s get a touchdown

Are you on Goodreads? How many books are you aiming to read this year? Or what are some of your other resolutions for 2017? I would love to read your goals in the comments!

Happy Holidays!

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Despite the dearth of my posting this month, I really love and appreciate all readers who stumble across this blog. Thank you for reading, and I hope that you are having a lovely holiday!


Let’s Get Political

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I don’t generally like to talk politics on my blog, but I think the current close political race is a time to be honest and communicative. The fact that the voting is so close is both disheartening and frightening.I am actually sickened tonight to be a United States citizen, because a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for racism and misogyny, and there are far too many votes for Trump for comfort.

At this point, it  no longer matters who wins the election. America is broken. America is filled with stupidity and hatred, and those two attributes cannot be reasoned with, and should not be tolerated.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is a joke to the rest of the world (as it should be), and was considered a joke by many here in America. How could anyone be seriously contemplating leading the U.S. of A., and say the blatant, media-byte, hateful things with which his campaign started? Maybe Trump has been joking this whole time. Maybe he has been doing everything he possibly can to get people not to vote for him. Maybe he’s actually much more savvy than he appears, and would be a great leader. But that’s not why people voted for him.

People voted for him because life is hard, and it’s easier with a scapegoat. People who should have known better conveniently ignored the fact that the same mania that started WWII had eerie parallels with Trump’s campaign rallies. And now he is a legitimate potential president. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that potentiality does not prove to be America’s future.

And let us also realize that even if Trump is not, ultimately, (please, please, please, please) our president, America has serious issues. Issues that need to be resolved. Because right now, at this moment? This America is not one of which anyone should be proud.