What is Love?

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Baby don’t hurt me… Don’t hurt me… No more…


As part of the self-imposed 10 Books in 2016 Challenge, I read Elizabeth Jane Howard’s novel Odd Girl Out.


So glad I did. This was my first work by Elizabeth Jane Howard, and it was realistic, clever, and enjoyable. Today’s post, I plan to list out some of the pros & cons:


*The pacing of this story actually worked very well, for me. However, some readers prefer to be shown everything, and this is a story that instead sometimes chooses to show, sometimes chooses to tell, which results in more of a leisurely stroll than a fast-paced run.

Ultimately, if you enjoy complex novels filled with realistic and slightly ambiguous characters, and you do not mind novels with a slower pace, and you enjoy stories that make you think, then I highly recommend Odd Girl Out.

4.5 out of 5 bell bottoms



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