Month: November 2016

What is Love?

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Baby don’t hurt me… Don’t hurt me… No more…


As part of the self-imposed 10 Books in 2016 Challenge, I read Elizabeth Jane Howard’s novel Odd Girl Out.


So glad I did. This was my first work by Elizabeth Jane Howard, and it was realistic, clever, and enjoyable. Today’s post, I plan to list out some of the pros & cons:


*The pacing of this story actually worked very well, for me. However, some readers prefer to be shown everything, and this is a story that instead sometimes chooses to show, sometimes chooses to tell, which results in more of a leisurely stroll than a fast-paced run.

Ultimately, if you enjoy complex novels filled with realistic and slightly ambiguous characters, and you do not mind novels with a slower pace, and you enjoy stories that make you think, then I highly recommend Odd Girl Out.

4.5 out of 5 bell bottoms



NaNoWriMo: Keep Writing

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For those who are participating in NaNoWriMo, or writing, etc., you might be feeling like this:


But you should listen to Ray Bradbury:


Be like Dory…

Remember you are not alone:


& keep in mind that


So keep writing!

Let’s Get Political

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I don’t generally like to talk politics on my blog, but I think the current close political race is a time to be honest and communicative. The fact that the voting is so close is both disheartening and frightening.I am actually sickened tonight to be a United States citizen, because a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for racism and misogyny, and there are far too many votes for Trump for comfort.

At this point, it  no longer matters who wins the election. America is broken. America is filled with stupidity and hatred, and those two attributes cannot be reasoned with, and should not be tolerated.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is a joke to the rest of the world (as it should be), and was considered a joke by many here in America. How could anyone be seriously contemplating leading the U.S. of A., and say the blatant, media-byte, hateful things with which his campaign started? Maybe Trump has been joking this whole time. Maybe he has been doing everything he possibly can to get people not to vote for him. Maybe he’s actually much more savvy than he appears, and would be a great leader. But that’s not why people voted for him.

People voted for him because life is hard, and it’s easier with a scapegoat. People who should have known better conveniently ignored the fact that the same mania that started WWII had eerie parallels with Trump’s campaign rallies. And now he is a legitimate potential president. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that potentiality does not prove to be America’s future.

And let us also realize that even if Trump is not, ultimately, (please, please, please, please) our president, America has serious issues. Issues that need to be resolved. Because right now, at this moment? This America is not one of which anyone should be proud.

To all of the NaNo Writers…

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You may be making your word count, you may be a little (or a lot) under your word count, but you have made a commitment to your writing this month, and that is awesome.

Yet with the flush of the first week behind you, when you are in love with your idea, your characters, your writing, your novel is likely becoming more difficult. Take comfort, writers! You are not alone – & I have put together a compilation of quotes to prove it.





You are not alone, & you can do this. Keep writing!

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Star image: By Egres73 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Question the Meaning of Life & Realize that Teenagers are Ridiculous

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As part of the 10 Books in 2016 Challenge, I read Jodi Picoult and her daughter’s sequel novel Off the Page.


No, of course I had not read the original, although there was enough exposition in the sequel to make me fully aware that a teenage girl becomes obsessed with a children’s fairy tale, falls in love with the prince protagonist, and figures out how to get him out of the book because he loves her back.


Off the Page is about as interesting as can be expected, considering the fact that it is a sequel written by a mother-daughter duo, one of whom is Jodi Picoult.

I know that I am in the minority here, and that a lot of people think that Jodi is amazing, because she writes about issues from multiple viewpoints, and her novels are risqué, but I don’t like her writing and find her work predictable.


This book was no exception. Except that it was batshit crazy because apparently that’s what teenagers are like? Or I’m assuming that’s where the Picoult women were going with this.

Like, going on 2 dates does not mean you are boyfriend and girlfriend. Love at first sight is lust before you get to know each other well enough to be bored. And date real people whom you can stand, girls, because waiting around for the fictional ones who are “perfect” for you only works in novels.

Ok, & 1 movie

Overall, an escapist piece of fluff that is too ridiculous for me to recommend. This book earns two melting ice cream cones on the scale of whatever-the-fuck-I-feel-like.