My Mother’s Day Read

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On Sunday, I decided to read Tig Notaro’s I’m Just a Person. In retrospect, my timing may have been slightly off. While I knew who Tig Notaro was prior to reading this (by which, I mean, I have seen her in some movies and television shows and have a favorable impression of her), I was actually not as aware of the recent events in her life. It’s on the back of the book, so I feel like I’m not spoiling anything when I tell you that this memoir details a period in which Tig became ill, her mother died, and then she discovered she had cancer, amongst other things.


While the book was an odd choice for mother’s day, I would definitely not say it is a bad book. I really enjoyed Tig’s clean, honest writing. And her subject matter is something that all of us can relate to. In Tig’s words:

-Tig Notaro, i'm just a person

Who has not felt this way, at one time or another?

Tig discusses some of life’s tougher moments in an honest, funny, and endearing way. This memoir is short, but an enjoyable read.

Having said that, I feel that I may have enjoyed the memoir more than many who have been listenening to Tig’s comedy recently would. Much of this memoir feels like it is recycling material used in comedy sketches. As someone who has not been watching Tig’s stand-up, this reading was entertaining – but the jokes were all fresh. I am not certain that people who have been avid followers of Tig’s stand-up over the last few years would derive as much enjoyment from the memoir as I did.

All the feels. #reading

Because, though I chose to read a memoir that begins with the death of a mother on mother’s day, I did enjoy reading this memoir. I definitely recommend it, and feel that this memoir might be one to which I will return numerous times. I read an ARC, but it is slated for release next month.

Look at that face. Don’t you want to read this book now, too?

Have you read it? Or are you looking forward to it? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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