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I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Tell the Wind and Fire via Netgalley.


Luck is the operative word in that prior sentence. Reader, I wasn’t initially even sure I wanted to read it. I requested it on an impulse, because a younger, more naive me used to enjoy reading Sarah Rees Brennan’s blog posts. I requested it expecting to be disappointed, because I didn’t particularly like the title, and because I loved the idea behind Unspoken, but had not been as enamored with its actual written self as I had hoped. I am gladly disappointed in my expectation to be disappointed; a cat licking stolen cream from its paws with satisfaction and delight. You should read this book.
A bit of dystopian fiction, Brennan has created a world in which magic is a fact, the characters peopling it manage to be symbolic and realistic at the same time, and the knowledge of what people are capable can be both heartwarming and devastating, by turns. Inspired by A Tale of Two Cities, Brennan has created an entertaining read that, at the same time, should make you think. Brennan is not just basing her own novel off a work filled with literary machinations such as metaphor, character development, etc – it is clear that while her work is inspired and based off of a famous and well-known novel, her work is filled with metaphors and symbolism all its own. Her work is relevant as more than an homage to Dickens; her work manages to rise above the Dickens classic, to become its’ own story – one which, quite frankly, can be enjoyed whether you have read A Tale of Two Cities or not.
Brennan wrote a fantasy book I enjoyed, though fantasy is not generally a genre I favor. She wrote a story including a love triangle that at least somewhat transcends the general story that includes a love triangle. She wrote about the power to create change and speak up even when it seems that the both of these actions are just well-meant yet ultimately meaningless phrases. I cannot rave about this book enough. Pre-order it, read it, buy it for your friends. This book definitely receives 5 out of 5 bowls of delicious spaghetti.
5 spaghettis
Those are my thoughts! Share some of yours – what was the last book you weren’t expecting to like that ended up surprising you?


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