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I recently devoured the short story anthology Unnatural Creatures, edited by Neil Gaiman. And since October seems like an appropriate time to talk about unnatural creatures, I thought now might be the perfect time for me to review this story collection. Basically, you should read it. Right now.

Read me!

Unnatural Creatures is Gaiman’s collection of the wonderful and fantastic creatures that you don’t find in the Natural History museums. This idea of the unnatural museum exhibit is a clever way to instill a sense of continuity and wonder amongst these tales that are, quite frankly, wonderful.

unnatural creatures

The stories are a mix of older, previously published works, and newer stories written specifically for the anthology. These stories are all well written, with each exhibiting a distinct voice from the author who penned it. I liked every single story, and adored several of them, as well – which is rare in an anthology.

I have truck loads of love for this truck.
I have truck loads of love for this truck.

This anthology is very, very well done. Halloween is poking its’ head around the corner, and this collection of spooky stories is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you are a horror aficionado or simply like to read well written stories, this collection will suit you. Another great thing about this anthology? I can tell it is one that I will be returning to read again and again. Which means that whether you have already read this book or not, I hereby give you this not-so-subtle hint/command to read it now. - Glitter Graphics( – Glitter Graphics)

Happy reading, everyone!


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