Month: August 2015

A Long Fu@king Time

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I recently finished Maggie Shayne’s Eternity, and despite the novel’s title, it didn’t take me that long to read.

I know, I know... I'm hilarious.
I know, I know… I’m hilarious.

But… it also wasn’t that good. It wasn’t terrible, either. It fell somewhere in that mediocre range, but ended on a positive and poorly written note.

And they lived happily ever after... or at least, got married.... but who cares?
And they lived happily ever after… or at least, got married…. but who cares?

I have read M. Shayne before – specifically, I read Twilight Hunger, which I guess is part of a series, though I had no idea when I read it.

twilight hunger

I remember enjoying Twilight Hunger more, although it is not necessarily any better written. One thing Twilight Hunger did better than Eternity? Sex scenes.

You may need a fan to keep cool as you read this one, guys & gals...
You may need a fan to keep cool as you read this one, guys & gals…

Shayne does a decent job of pulling the reader in to her story. The beginnings are great. The middle and the end? More lackluster. I did not have a favorable impression of the end of this book, I saw most of the twists coming, and the main characters came off a bit preachy and were not a bit of fun. (Although I may have a thing for my literary bad boys, so, you know…)

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Overall, I would recommend this book if you have a propensity for predictable romance novels. It begins on a strong note, the ideas contained within are fairly interesting, and the sex scenes are not very good. But some people enjoy books that fit that description, so it might be right up your alley.


Wip: Paranormal Shit, Sexy Times, and Having Fun

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So… partially because I’m out of blog post ideas, partially because I’m excited, I’m going to talk about the current work-in-progress.

So...what's been going through the head of Bambi Quim lately?
So…what’s been going through the head of Bambi Quim lately?

Answer: paranormal erotica thought cloud Inspired by a Jezebel article about a Paranormal dating site, my anthology features stories about some of the people who might use such a site. I am really having fun writing these stories, which merge my love of romance, sex, and the supernatural. If you check my Goodreads page, you will notice that I read a lot of Christopher Pike and L.J. Smith as a teenager, the latter of whose writing I described as “supernatural horror romance books.” The world is a crazy, scary place, and the idea of the potential for something more than is readily apparent can be appealing and scary.

See your future... if you dare!
See your future… if you dare!

So far, I have a story about a werewolf, a witch, and am working on one involving poltergeists.

3 stories from paranormal dating

I have a few other stories percolating in my coffeemaker of a brain, but am mainly trying to enjoy my writing time.

Enjoying my writing the way some people enjoy a sunset
Enjoying my writing the way some people enjoy a sunset

When is the last time you wrote something that you truly enjoyed writing? Were you happy with the results? Or do you want to talk about the paranormal? Please comment below!