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Sorry for the hiatus. I recently moved across the country, and as a result, have been missing from the blogosphere. I also lost the book I was reading (Alias Grace), probably left in a hotel room somewhere along Route 66, ruined some clothes in an insane washing machine, and spent so much time driving that I have probably atrophied some of my muscles.

On the other hand, I now live near an ocean, and am about to start a job that suits my personality and budgetary needs, so there are a lot of “pro”s in my life right now.


Yet as you may have noticed in that last sentence, oh discerning reader of this blog, I am about to start a new job. This impending responsibility is likely to have a noticeable impact on this blog, by which I mean, I probably won’t post as often as the 1-2 post per week goal that was in place when I started this blog.


So… I’m back, sort of. Not as often, will probably be doing more reading of blog posts than writing for awhile, but am always up for reading a good piece of writing. So keep writing your own funny, insightful, amazing blog posts, and I will read them and comment on them and post them on Twitter. I will also try to post occasionally – maybe once or twice a month? Does that sound reasonable? And if you would continue to read when I post, that would be awesome & much appreciated.


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