Book Review: Anything for the Man of the House

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Here are my brief impressions of the short stories in the anthology Anything for the Man of the House: Ten Brats Who Learn How to Behave. As you might have guessed from the title, this collection is characterized as erotica.


  • Sarah spies the cousin whom her parents have adopted as her brother touching himself in the barn, and experiences feelings in a spot she’s never felt before. Their upbringing tells them it’s wrong, but how can something that feels so right be wrong? In “Sibling Lust: In the Barn,” Selena Kitt creates a sexy, yet not entirely plausible, tale of innocent sexual awakening.
  • In “Filthy Rich 1,” Scarlett Skyes presents the tale of Nova Thatcher, a girl living in poverty with her single mother until billionaire Cal Willis takes note of the family. This story was poorly written, had occasional incorrect grammar, and basically invoked the idea that money is all you need. Love is for wimps. Losing your v-card to some rich asshole is totes worth it if this prostitution will help your mother marry the guy (and mom won’t mind since SHE SUGGESTED IT #greatparenting). Needless to say, I was not a fan.
  • Cindy Quinn’s “His Brat’s Fertile First Time: Blaire” is a sexy, drunken romp between Blaire and her stepfather. Blaire is sunbathing topless with her friend when her stepfather arrives home early from work. To her surprise, he offers her wine, and seems to be flirting with her. Blaire the virgin is in for a surprise! The sex scene is fairly hot, though the writing is not always quite on par.
  • L. Hannover titillates in “Don’t You Dare Pull out, Part 1.” Frank is a bit worried to meet his new wife’s daughter for the first time when he picks her up from the airport. He’s soon glad the wife didn’t want to tag along, however, as Lexie has apparently been fantasizing about him while away at school. This story hit all the right buttons for me; it’s a bit cliche, but so hot I didn’t care.
  • I cannot recommend “Seducing her Seal” by Vixen Von Fock. The narrator refers to masturbating as “petting her kitty.” There are run-on sentences. Random, unnecessary words. The narrator thinks she needs a man’s touch to bring herself to orgasm. Yech. But without this story, I might not have known people abbreviate Fifty Shades of Grey as FSOG? (Trying to find the positive) Also, it was so bad, I couldn’t even fully read it. (Failing.)
  • “Amabelle,” by Connie Cliff is a great, sexy read. I wish it had been edited more carefully, but the story line is hot. The story begins fast and strong, and keeps up a fairly strong pace throughout, culminating in a sexy-sexy-sex scene that involves people having sex.
  • “She is a Flirty BBW Brat” by Candy Dance has a curvy lady, which is awesome, and has some crazy, rough, consensual sex, but didn’t quite work for me. Particularly since it got a little rape-y when the stepdad refuses to listen to his sexual partner’s plea to wear a condom or at least pull out.
  • In “The Brat and the Naughty Movie,” Ashley Rixxan provides a little voyeurism in a short tale about a girl with a strict, control freak stepfather… whose predilection for control does not end when it comes to intercourse. A story in which a “naughty” girl gets “punished,” it was fairly enjoyable.
  • Saffron Daughter’s “Stealing Daddy” starts off with Mara having boring sex with a guy her age, and ends with her dirty fantasies about her stepfather being fulfilled, and yielding everything she could have desired. This story starts off strong, but did not quite deliver on its’ promise.
  • Cheri Verset delivers some family loving in “Cumswapping Sisters.” Richard needs sexual satisfaction, so with his wife’s approval, she and his two stepdaughters blow him as needed. Sometimes, however, without mommy’s knowledge, things go a little bit further… Honestly, not quite my thing, but not a terrible story.


I wish this collection had been edited more carefully. There were at least small errors in every single story, with some larger errors in some of the stories too. These problems should have been fixed before publication.

All of the female characters were at least 18, and with the exception of some sisterly love, there was generally no biological relationship between the people having sex.

There is a lot in this collection to turn you on, and all of the stories are relatively short. I think the collection is worth a read, particularly if a reader wants to see if a particular author in the collection writes in an enjoyable style.

Have you read this collection or are you familiar with any of the authors? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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