Book Review: The Neighbor

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I recently skimmed Abby Weeks’ The Neighbor, all 3 volumes of which are currently available on Amazon. The cover is… interesting:

neighbor - no back

To me, this cover is not very erotic. Okay, there’s a beautiful woman. Okay, she’s wearing a towel (& probably no clothes underneath). But, it looks like she’s in the bathroom, which is a room prone to bacteria, mold, and wet (the bad kind of wet, guys). Plus, she looks like she’s checking out a mole, like: Do I have skin cancer? Maybe I should see a doctor. Melanoma kills!

This guy knows what I'm talking about...
This guy knows what I’m talking about…

Having said that, the story itself was interesting. The novels involve concepts of voyeurism, sharing, and a woman growing into her sexuality. All very sexy concepts, to me.

These stories are worthy of getting your socks dirty.
These stories are worthy of getting your socks dirty.

Yet I’m sure many of you noticed my use of the keyword skimmed in the first sentence of this post. “If the concepts are erotic, Bambi, why are you skimming?” you may be asking, with wide-eyed innocence just begging to be corrupted.


Remember my post earlier this week, that mentioned how often, the concept and the writing do not both work in free works of erotica? Sometimes, this critique applies to works that require payment, as well. The sex scenes in The Neighbor are generally fairly well done, and, in my opinion, make this trio of novellas worthy of compensation if you are turned on by the concepts mentioned earlier. The story itself, on the other hand, feels a bit lacking.

Unlike this diamond, the story lacks lustre.
Unlike this diamond, the story lacks lustre.

There is a story that ties the sex scenes together, and the story is not, in and of itself, uninteresting. It is the writing of the connecting story that did not work for me. I tend to prefer stories with a bit more poetry – not literal poetry, just that flowing, beautiful wording to prose that makes it a pleasure to read.

Geez, Bambi, you're asking a LOT.
Geez, Bambi, you’re asking a LOT.

Why yes, unnamed woman with a quill, I am asking a lot. And not everyone necessarily asks for, or even wants, quite as much from their erotica/literature. So feel free to take my review with a grain of salt, because what works for me and what I like does not necessarily entirely mesh with your likes/wants/desires/etc.

You can take a grain of pepper with it, too - but it might make you sneeze.
You can take a grain of pepper with it, too – but it might make you sneeze.

Verdict: If the erotic concepts of voyeurism and sexual awakening turn you on, and you are really looking for a sexy read without necessarily wanting content to go along with it, The Neighbor is worth a read.


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