Why Pay for Erotica…

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…when so much of it is available for free?

Are you wasting your money by using it to purchase erotica?
Are you wasting your money by using it to purchase erotica?

Let me preface this post by noting that as an author with the erotic genre being one of my current specialities, I am biased in favor of purchasing works of literature, including the erotic.

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Yet, the simple economics of the issue seem to point in favor of my bias. If you want a supply of quality erotica, fiction, etc., then you need to make this demand evident via fiscal support.

It's simple economics.
It’s simple economics.

While there is plenty of erotica available free of charge, a lot of this freely available material is, to be frank, not very well written. Some of the sex scenes on free sites such as literotica.com sound like they were (and possibly were) written by twelve-year-olds. Many people enjoy this rushed, conceptual erotica – by which I mean, if the ideas of what is erotic is what turns you on, rather than the description and writing quality, free erotic offerings may very well service your needs.

Nothin' wrong with free
Nothin’ wrong with free

Yet I would argue that, if you are seeking well-written work, you are more likely to find it if you pay for work rather than seek it free of charge. Anyone who is charging you money for their work likely at least thinks that it is better than a lot of the free material out there. More time has likely been spent editing and reviewing work that requires payment, as well.

materiality generally leads to better quality
materiality generally leads to better quality

Ultimately, an author who is self-publishing or is traditionally published has more of his or her reputation at stake via sharing his or her work and expecting/demanding fiscal compensation for it. To take this post to a more personal level, I know that by sharing my work with the world, I am more likely to receive feedback – (hopefully) positive and (always) negative. Yet the worst response? Possibly what I am currently facing – not only no feedback, but no sales. I am just beginning, so of course, it should take time to work up to a level of known respectability. Yet those questions of whether I am good enough, whether people are interested in the work I am sharing, gnaw at the corners of my mind, like mice leisurely nibbling on a block of cheese.


In conclusion, I decidedly side on the action of paying for erotica. Specifically mine.

Ha ha ha... but seriously, guys, I would be totally okay w/ you purchasing my shit.
Ha ha ha… but seriously, guys, I would be totally okay w/ you purchasing my shit.

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    May 28, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    […] my post earlier this week, that mentioned how often, the concept and the writing do not both work in free […]


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